Advantages and molding process of the new blow molding machine

Update:19 19-10-2019

1. The molding cycle is short. Since all the clamping m […]

1. The molding cycle is short. Since all the clamping mechanisms are interlocked, the invalid action is eliminated, and the molding cycle time is shortened from the original 14 s to 9 s.
2. The rigidity of the machine is improved, and stable thin-wall molding can be performed, and the product qualification rate is close to 100%.
3. The hot runner mold is adopted to shorten the mold changing time and reduce the investment cost of the mold, which is more suitable for multi-variety and small batch production.
4. Small-scale models with high productivity and competitive production capacity.
By analyzing the large hollow molding process, the hydraulic control system of the plastic hollow molding machine was designed, and the principle, composition and characteristics of the wall thickness control system of the molding machine were studied. The plastic hollow molding machine is hydraulically driven, which can realize the automatic working cycle of the whole machine conveniently and reliably. The electro-hydraulic proportional position control system can control the wall thickness variation of the parison at will, and ensure the uniform thickness of the hollow product after blown film. .

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