Blow molding machine extrusion principle(1)

Update:10 10-05-2019

In most extruders, the change in screw speed is achieve […]

In most extruders, the change in screw speed is achieved by adjusting the speed of the motor. The motor typically rotates at full speed of approximately 1750 rpm, but this is too fast for an extruder screw. If it is rotated at such a fast speed, too much frictional heat is generated and the residence time of the plastic is too short to produce a uniform, well-stirred melt. Typical deceleration ratios range from 10:1 to 20:1. The first stage can be either gear or pulley, but the second stage uses gears and the screw is positioned at the center of the last large gear.

In some slow-running machines (such as twin-screws for UPVC), there may be 3 deceleration stages and the maximum speed may be as low as 30 rpm or lower (ratio of 60:1). At the other extreme, some very long twin-screws for agitation can run at 600 rpm or faster, thus requiring a very low deceleration rate and a lot of deep cooling.

Sometimes the deceleration rate matches the task incorrectly - there will be too much energy to use - and it is possible to add a pulley block between the motor and the first deceleration phase that changes the maximum speed.
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