Blow molding machine operators must be proficient in skills

Update:05 05-08-2019

First point: The blow molding machine reduces the self- […]

First point: The blow molding machine reduces the self-weight of the parison and, under the permissible conditions, accelerates the extrusion rate of the parison and reduces the waiting time of the mold. This must be strictly observed, and it is also prepared for the future maintenance of the machine.
Second point: During the production process, the molding cycle should be shortened as much as possible while ensuring sufficient cooling of the product. I believe that you will come up with more ways.
The third point: the inflation pressure should be sufficient during the operation, and the blowing rate should be fast.
Fourth point: In the implementation process, the temperature, rotation speed and P value of the extruder should be controlled.
Fifth point: The machine should ensure sufficient exhaust when the parison is inflated during operation.
Sixth point: Operators should be familiar with the molding processability of plastic materials in order to make better use of the advantages of the materials themselves.
Seventh point: The staff should control the wall thickness and quality of the parison. This is a technical activity to hold the fire is very important.

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