Blow molding machine two-step blow molding points

Update:16 16-09-2019

In the two-step blow molding, the material to be blown […]

In the two-step blow molding, the material to be blown is pre-blown into particles of about 40 mm in a WLK-type consolidated single-axis main blow molding machine, and then further blown into about 3 using a NZ-type subsequent blow molding machine. ~10mm end pellets, which are specifically depicted for secondary blow molding of pre-blowing materials.
In order to prevent blow molding from appearing, it is necessary to continue to properly feed the crusher, and these requirements are generally difficult to ensure by manual operation. Once the feed is excessive, it will generally cause uneven blow molding, shaking, and accompanied by high-standard noise. The result is that the material that accumulates or is being destroyed is weakened by the conflict. In addition, the higher sensitivity of the agitation data, as well as the generally higher blade wear that forms the frequent replacement blades, remains to be seen.

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