Blowing machine often encounters problems

Update:27 27-07-2019

Problem 1: The high-pressure solenoid valve cannot be e […]

Problem 1: The high-pressure solenoid valve cannot be effectively closed and a high-pressure gas leak occurs. The reason is that there are foreign objects stuck in the seal ring inside the high-pressure solenoid valve, and most of them are plastic fragments. This requires disassembling the seal ring in the high-pressure solenoid valve for cleaning and restoring the installation for normal use.
Question 2: Drop the bottle when the bottle is out. The reason is that the bottle finger automatically opens or can not clamp the bottle mouth, and the nylon block inside the finger needs to be replaced.
Question 3: A double blank is produced when the blank is placed. The reason is that the gap between the blanking track and the take-up blank is too large, and the gap can be adjusted to be suitable.

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