Blowing machine shutdown steps

Update:27 27-04-2019

Close the loading system and close the hopper blanking […]

Close the loading system and close the hopper blanking baffle. Drain the material in the barrel and turn it off after the material is empty. Turn off each auxiliary machine. Turn off each section of heater, cooling water pump, lubricating oil pump, and finally cut off the total power supply. Close each inlet valve.
Select the operation mode to the manual position to prevent misoperation of the entire cycle and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Close the feed gate and stop feeding the cartridge. The injection seat is retracted to disengage the nozzle from contact with the mold. The residual material in the barrel is removed and repeated injections and pre-molding are used until the material no longer flows from the nozzle. At this time, the screw speed should be reduced, and the idle time should not be too long. Put all operating switches and buttons in the off position, power off and water.
The advantage of using the hollow blow molding machine to perform the pre-blowing process before blow molding is the one-step extrusion stretching blow molding machine driving operation, preheating and heating, setting the temperature value on the temperature controller according to the process requirements, starting the heating system Warm up, and check whether the current indication value of each section of the heater is normal. After the processing temperature is reached, the temperature is constant for l-2h.

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