Bottlenecks facing blow molding machines

Update:30 30-09-2019

The first hollow blow molding machine enterprises urgen […]

The first hollow blow molding machine enterprises urgently need to develop in the direction of green, environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. How to better develop the hollow blow molding machine industry around the purpose of safety, health and environmental protection. In the 21st century with serious pollution, only with the combination of environmental protection and zero pollution, can the blow molding machine industry continue to grow and develop.
The second hollow blow molding machine industry is currently concentrated in Taizhou, Zhangzhou and Foshan. Although small and small, it is not enough to compete with the international. China's blow molding machine enterprises need to build brand. Only by building a brand, hollow blow molding machines can go abroad and go global.
Secondary use of the third hollow blow molding machine. Because of the high cost of new blow molding machines, second-hand hollow blow molding machines have become the first choice for small-scale small businesses. However, because it is second-hand, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the seller cannot provide the warranty, so some orders are restricted.

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