Classification of blow molding machine materials

Update:07 07-08-2019

1. According to the source of plastics, there are two t […]

1. According to the source of plastics, there are two types:
(1) Daran resin; (2) synthetic resin.
2. According to the production process of plastics, it is divided into four types.
(1) A plastic based on a resin synthesized by chain polymerization. Acid yoghurt and its copolymers, etc.
(2) A resin synthesized by a polycondensation reaction or a stepwise polymerization reaction. Such as phenolic resin plastics, ammonia plastics and polyester plastics.
(3) Plastics based on chemically modified and natural resins. Such as nitrocellulose, acetate fiber and recycled fiber.
(4) Plastics based on natural asphalt and certain organic pyrolysis resins.
3. According to the structural type between the polymer chains after solidification, they are divided into three types.
(1) amorphous (unshaped);
(2) semi-crystalline type;
(3) Crystalline type. In the case of solidification of crystalline science, there are nucleation to grain formation processes such as propylene, nylon, polyoxymethylene, polybutylene, and the like. When the amorphous plastic is solidified, there is no "nucleation" of the macromolecular chain that forms a free core to the growth process of the crystal grains. For example: polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, plexiglass, polycarbonate, and the like.

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