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Update:27 27-09-2018

If you choose to give us a chance to cooperate, we are  […]

If you choose to give us a chance to cooperate, we are very glad to make high-quality machines sincerely and professionally. 

Our company is specialized in r&d, production and sales of various automatic bottle blowing machines, semi-automatic bottle blowing machines, hand-inserted bottle blowing machines, bottle blowing molds, etc., from one cavity to eight cavities. It is suitable for blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles, medicine bottles, large-diameter bottles, high-temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers of any shape with crystallized plastics such as PET, PP  as raw materials. We have professional r&d personnel and professional technical producers in product design and manufacturing.Machinery is constantly updated and improved.Good stability, fast production speed, smooth operation, long service life, easy maintenance.

Features of the machine:

  1. Adopt the PLCcontrol system with high reliability, accuracy, speed and stability
  2. Infrared lamp is adopted for heating, with strong penetrating force, and the preform rotates to be heated, with orbit revolution and even heating.The height and width of the reflector plate can be adjusted, which is suitable for different preform.

3, Automatic voltage regulation, automatic temperature regulation.

  1. Preform is fedby conveyorautomatically.
  2. Automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and accurate judgment.
  3. Each action is driven by the cylinder, no oil pump is used, which is pollution-free and low noise.
  4. The air circuit is divided into three parts: low-pressure action, low-pressure pre-blowing and high-pressure blowing, so as to meet the requirements of different air pressure of bottle blowing and action, and realize high-pressure blowing finished products and low-pressure stable operation.
  5. Unique air blowing system is adopted to improve the quality of products.
  6. 9.The use of hyperbolic arm, linkage clamping mechanism, strong clamping force, smooth and reliable movement.
  7. 10.The use of high tensile steel rod and high-quality cast iron template, strong and durable, long service life
  8. Features of fast production speed, smooth operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.
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