Distinguish blow molding machine materials based on the heat effect of plastics

Update:30 30-08-2019

According to the blow molding machine, the response of […]

According to the blow molding machine, the response of plastics to heat is divided into two categories:
(1) thermoplastics;
(2) Slitting round blade Thermosetting plastic thermoplastic is characterized by softening after heating, melting when the temperature continues to rise, and returning to solid state when cooling: the process of plastic hollow blow molding machine is reversible and can be repeated many times.
For example: polyolefins, polystyrene, polyamides, polyacrylics, chlorinated polyethers, polycarbonates, etc. are all such plastics: thermotropic plastics are characterized by their ability to be converted into plastic melt at a certain temperature. Body, but if you continue to increase the temperature and prolong the heating time, cross-linking will occur inside the polymer.
Curing occurs; plastic hollow blow molding machines will decompose if they continue to increase the heating temperature. For example, phenol plastics, aldehyde plastics, sulfhydryl epoxy resins, and fluorene resins belong to such plastics.

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