Some operating specifications of bottle blowing machine

Update:29 29-09-2018

Knowledge necessary for safe operation of automatic bot […]

Knowledge necessary for safe operation of automatic bottle blowing machine

(1) Before starting up each shift, lubricating oil must be added to each moving part once.(manipulator, manipulator guide rail, open and close mold guide rail)

(2) Swing arm can be added once a day (3-4).Heating machine large chain small chain can be once a month.Check whether the reducer of main engine reducer and heating machine is short of oil frequently.Main engine bearing can be added once every 3 months.

(3) Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose and fall off, especially where the impact force is strong, whether the belt drive part is abnormal.

(4) Check whether the high-pressure gas source, low-pressure gas source, power supply and water source are normal.

(5)Check whether the emergency stop switch, safety door switch and protection device are normal.

(6) Check whether the heating head into the embryo and the dropping part of the embryo work normally.Insert the embryo if not in place to adjust the pressure of the embryo device nut.

(7) Check whether the lamp tube is damaged or broken.Replace it in time.

(8) Check whether all pneumatic components leak air and whether the action is sensitive.

(9) Check whether the triad has abnormal air leakage, whether it is blocked, and whether the water cup is too full.

(10) In case of any abnormality of the mechanical and electrical magnetic valve of fully automatic bottle blowing, it shall be cleaned in time < > for every 3.5 million bottles blowing.

How the bottle blowing machine works

Bottle blowing machine is mainly divided into three categories: extrusion bottle blowing machine, injection bottle blowing machine and special structure bottle blowing machine.Processing technology is mainly divided into two kinds of one-step method and two-step method.One-step and two-step bottle blowing machine molding process, mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding.Both have their own characteristics and are widely used.Comparatively speaking, two-step method is more suitable for centralized production of preform and dispersed blowing of bottle.The one-step method is more suitable for online production of beverage enterprises.

The blowing process of the bottle blowing machine mainly consists of six steps: 1) firstly, the heated plastic embryos are put into the mold;2) use the mold locking cylinder to tighten the mold;3) lock the bottle mold with high pressure or mechanical structure;4) medium and high pressure pre-blowing and stretching cylinder action make the blank mold expand;5) high-pressure blowing, the bottle embryo is shaped according to the mold, and the pressure is maintained for a certain time;6) release the high pressure in the formed bottle and reset the cylinder -- take the bottle.

Pneumatic equipment is widely used in the operation of bottle blowing machine.This series of actions is assisted by pneumatic equipment, which is used to take bottles from feeding, mould closing, stretching, high pressure blowing, air releasing, etc.As shown in figure 2, we can see that the air path is divided into two parts, the atmospheric part and the high-pressure part.

Delta pneumatic equipment for bottle blowing machine improvement

In this system, delta pneumatic products in the atmospheric part of the system can have a relatively large improvement.We recommend delta pneumatic series equipment:

1) Magnetic valve: adopt international famous brands, such as American PARKER, Taiwan MINDMAN, etc

Its characteristics are: solenoid valve flow;High life expectancy -- more than 50 million;The pilot adopts double intake structure and strong environmental resistance;Beautiful appearance.

2) cylinder: adopt international famous brands, such as SMC from Japan, FESTO from Germany, AIRTAC from Taiwan, etc

Its characteristic is: in view of the conditions such as high speed, poor service environment of bottle blowing machine, cylinder dynamic sealing ring is changed to PPD sealing ring structure, the sealing ring will be automatically compensated after high speed gas pressure, so as to reduce the contact pressure between the sealing ring and cylinder cylinder wall, and improve the service life of cylinder.

3) air claw: adopt international famous brands, such as Japan SMC, Taiwan MINDMAN etc

Its characteristic is: the variety is complete, the quality is superior, the price performance ratio is high.

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