Most of the molds for mold blow molding are mostly two halves

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The principle of automatic blow molding machine · Princ […]

The principle of automatic blow molding machine
· Principle 1: The heating coil is used to dissolve the plastic. There are different melting points for each plastic. So you should design the heating coil to have three temperature functions. In the electrical cabinet, the solid state relay of each heating coil has a current transformer. Inflated in the parison in the form of ammeter, it can be clearly seen. One is the set temperature such as 200 degrees. The second is the high allowable temperature such as 250 degrees. If the temperature is too high, the fluidity of the plastic will accelerate the quality of the product and reach the high temperature. The screw will stop automatically and alarm display. The third is low allowable temperature such as 160 degrees (the temperature of the plastic is too low, the fluidity will be low, not only will affect the product quality automatic blow molding machine English full name BLOW MOULDING MACHINE. BMM for short. Its basic work The principle is: to soften the thermoplastic to make it close to the cooling surface of the closed mold, the inflated parison solidifies to form a hollow plastic product.
· Principle 2: Screws for automatic blow molding machines. Single-screw twin-screw and multi-screw are different depending on the products they manufacture. Just talk about single-screw. Most of the screws are now driven by motors (previously there have been hydraulic drives) Use the frequency converter to control the screw speed. There is a quantity outside the barrel of the screw and the shearing force of the screw will be very large. The damage to the screw is very big.) To the low temperature, the screw will stop and start. The second die is completely in the die. The screw motor cannot be started when it is closed.
· Principle 3: Most of the molds for mold blow molding are mostly two halves. At work, the parisons extruded from the die are put together and then blown. Its standard procedure is generally as follows: shifting mold-mold- Clamping - Pressurizing - Blowing Into - Blowing - Exhaust - Pressure Relief - Open Mode - Molding - Go to the next cycle. So you will be aware of your design control. You are required to do it. The die is not in place. The mold clamping is not thick. So when you design the die control, I have the following comments. One of the hydraulics in the die does not start to form a system. It is extremely cumbersome. It is produced in different production and requirements of each product. The process will be different, so its working procedures and requirements will be different. Safety should be placed in place, that is to say, in a closed position, there is no clamping. The clamping is not in place and not pressurized. The pressure is not in place and the needle does not enter. When the needle enters the position, it does not blow. When the screw motor is unable to set the pressure relief value, the mold does not open the mold. The mold is not in place and the mold is not moved. The mold is not in place and the next cycle stops working and alarms. The action can be alarmed and can be clearly displayed in the PLC or the operation panel. There is still a normal cooling water temperature. Or too low can be shown to be able to display alarm and shutdown does not necessarily require too high or too low?
· Principle 4: Die. The die is divided into continuous and storage. We say continuous. The main part of the die is made of a melted plastic. The hydraulic pressure is alarmed and stopped and displayed during overload. The air pressure requirement can display normal and too high and too low. In the too high and too low, the alarm can be displayed and displayed. It is required to control the total intake with a button and open at any door. When the total intake can be cut off, it can only be restarted after manually confirming the reset.
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