Overhaul of hollow blow molding machine

Update:06 06-09-2019

First, minor repair      When the blow molding machine […]

First, minor repair
     When the blow molding machine malfunctions, it can be repaired at any time. If it can be replaced with a replacement product or power outage, it is best to reduce downtime.
Second, the repair
     Generally, every six months, mainly replace and repair the parts that affect the quality of the automatic blowing machine. If the parts that do not affect the quality of the hollow blow molding machine can be used, try to use more time to avoid waste. The frequently changed parts are: small shaft, small sleeve, sealed trap, pliers and so on.
Third, overhaul
      Overhaul time should be carried out as much as possible during the overheating of the glass furnace. Mainly for the complete repair of the blow molding machine, all parts that need to be replaced - the law is replaced, to avoid the downtime in the production process, generally consider the use of the next overhaul. The parts that are usually changed during overhaul are: piston rod, piston, rack, gear, spline shaft, spline sleeve, hinge pumping and various bushings.

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