The cause of defects in blow molding of blow molding machines

Update:12 12-10-2019

The hollow blow molding machine means that the plastic […]

The hollow blow molding machine means that the plastic is melted and quantitatively extruded in a screw extruder, and then formed by a dough film, cooled by a wind ring, then pulled by a tractor at a certain speed, and the winder winds it into volume.
In the operation of the blow molding machine equipment provided by the company, there is often a gap in the bottom of the bottle blown out by the blow molding machine. Sometimes the amount in a batch is relatively large, and for enterprises, the cost is greatly increased. Experienced blow molding machine operators have found out the reasons and methods of improvement through long-term exploration.
The first consideration is the temperature problem. If the bottle has not been formed yet and the mold is not fully integrated, the mold will be opened immediately. If the temperature difference between the mold and the outside temperature is too large, there will be shrinkage and shrinkage. Defects such as cracks. Secondly, if the mold is wet, the pores will often appear and the needle will be loose. The above reasons are all excluded, and some mechanical reasons are checked. It is not as good as the extruder discharge amount, the mold clamping force is insufficient, the blowing force is too large, and the equipment table vibration is too large. The angle of the joint surface of the die at the bottom of the mold is too sharp and so on.
In general, the quality of the product is mainly based on the skills of the operator. How to control the temperature time and discover the mechanical defects when operating the blow molding machine equipment is the ability of the operator in daily work. Taking into account the interests of the company, the staff must make every pass.

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