The automatic blowing machine supplier tells you the solutions to the common problems and faults of the automatic blowing machine blowing bottles. burst.

Reasons: 1. The bottom of the bottle is too thin due to the high temperature. 2. The blowing time is too short.

Solution: 1. Adjust the temperature at the bottom of the bottle 2. Extend the delay blowing time

The parting line is flat.

Reason: During the bottle blowing process, the gas cannot be discharged from the vent hole in time, and the thin layer of material forming the bottle wall blocks the vent hole

Solution: 1. Correctly adjust the mold gap 2. Control the air flow with the high-pressure air valve 3. Improve the design structure

Wrinkled bottom.

Reason: the blowing pressure 1 of the external crease is not enough, and the stretch rod is too much to push the material down;

The inner wrinkle is common. The head end of the preform is overheated or the stretching pressure is delayed at the beginning.

Solution: 1. Make sure that the timing of blowing 1 on the mold is consistent and consistent. 2. Do not overheat the end of the preform. 3. Make sure that the delay from the start of stretching to the entry of blowing 1 is not too long.

Hot bottle.

Cause: The bottle is overheated, resulting in recrystallization inside or outside the preform, causing the bottle to explode

Solution: 1. The stretching time is too long 2. Lower the position of the cooling plate
Uneven segmental grammage (excessive neck).

Reason: 1. The stretching rod is stretched from bottom to top and gradually becomes colder. The material is very thin and the cooling speed is accelerated.

Solution: 1. Adjust the position of the hot spot to solve the main body of the preform 2. Adjust the position of the cooling plate

The bottom is eccentric.

Reasons: 1. Conveying and alignment problems 2. The back door is not concentric with the bottle

Solution: 1. Adjust the conveying and alignment of the preform mold 2. The pressure setting of the stretching rod is too low
3. The pressure of blowing bottle 1 is too high and too early. 4. The setting of stretch rod cushion is not suitable.

Pearlescent - hair on the feet.

Reason: The root cause is the cold bottle. Stretching beyond the natural stretching limit is a direct result of stretching the surrounding structure of the bottle.

Tear, the formed tear points become visible pearlescent after reflection.

The automatic blowing machine supplier tells you the solution: 1. Make sure the bottom of the bottle is in the center; 2. Reduce the speed of the blowing machine;


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