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Full automatic bottle blowing machine

YM-A series, YM-B series, YM-AB series are suitable for 5L-30LPET large container, oil bottle, beer barrels and 5 gallon bucket bottle blowing production, these series of blowing equipment can adopt hand feeding preforms and use automatic feeding preforms, connected to injection molding machine; automatic operation, durable, high output, fast speed, energy saving, save labor cost.

Semi automatic bottle blowing machine

Yuming two-step semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, computer control, infrared rotary oven heating, professional blowing diameter 45-130mm volume within 5L-30L (PET, PP, ABS, PMMA, PC, PS as raw materials) plastic containers, with the advantages of large clamping force, small footprint, wide application, power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance.

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