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Full automatic PET bottle blowing machine

YM automatic bottle blowing machine model is simple to operate, general wide, suitable for various calibers of various uses of PET bottles. Max.volume 2 L. This series is equipped with automatic loader, which has the advantages of stable and reliable, fast production speed and low scrap rate.

Automatic PET bottle blowing machine with manual loading

This series no automatic conveyor to transport the preform, can only be manually feeding preform.Advantages: reduce the production cost of the machine to the greatest extent; Compared with semi-automatic bottle blowing machine scrap rate is low, production speed is fast, performance is stable, and the operation is very simple.

Semi Automatic PET bottle blowing machine

The operation is simple and safe, only requires one person, and no special training is required,Semi-auto bottle blowing machine has low power consumption and high production capacity, which greatly reduces the operating costs of customers and improves the production efficiency of customers.

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